Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Surely this is a joke, right?

I was supposed to leave for TN first thing in the morning. Guess what? Not gonna happen. Imagine that! So, my car's totalled and I had planned to take Mom and Dad's instead. Well, the fates didn't like that idea. When I got home from taking Dad to Lethbridge to see Grandpa Q the car was making a funny noise. Not just a little noise either, but a banging, rattling noise. I turned off the engine and walked around the front and found a river of oil running out of the engine. Oh lovely! We've lost the engine. Yup, that's right. Engine kaput! So, there goes Christmas. All of my presents are down in TN cause that's where we were planning to be. We can't get them shipped up in time unless we lay out all sorts of dough and that may not even be enough to get here on time. But really that's not all that important. I wanted to see my husband. I wanted to sleep in my nice bed and play games with the kids. I wanted to walk my puppy and just be a family again.
I've checked the train, renting a car, and flights. The train is sold out. Renting a car is obscenely expensive, and the only flight out is tomorrow morning at 8 am and there is no way I can get there without a car. This is ridiculous! I give, already. I give! Just stop the insanity!
Ya, whatever!


The Morton's

wow....i'm speechless...sorry! something has to work out! did you try pricelining a rental car? something has to work!

Deanna Quinton Larson

i've tried it all. no cars available on priceline.


dang...that REALLY Stinks!!! I am sooo sorry! Hopefully something will still work out. I am crossing my fingers and toes!!!


That is heart breaking. I would talk to your bishop and tell him the story. Ask him if there is anyone in your ward that would let you borrow their car... Really!! I think someone in your ward would help. Lots of people have extra cars per family... Somebody will feel the need to help make a Christmas wish come true. I am sure you have a ward full of people who would love to help your little family out. Good luck!

Rebecca Talley

That's terrible. Car problems are the worst. I hope it works out that you can have a nice Christmas.


You are killing me!! Pleeeease find a way to get home. I am sorry for the total yuck of your life right now but thank heavens the engine died there and not somewhere between there and TN.
Any way that your hubby and Sierra can drive to you?

So sorry. Call my family and tell them I offered their services to drive you to Calgary...someone would do it...Curt and Jan-2274 or Barb and Jesse-1730.


yikes...the minute I have a wedding to plan and put on disaster strikes in your neck of the woods ! I'm reading and playing "catch up" LOL


Sorry to hear you had such a hassle as well! Glad the story had a happy ending. I'm going to be moving to Edmonton in a couple of years and I've heard it can be a lot like Wyoming...

BTW, I absolutely love your photographs!