Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hunting up a Christmas Tree

For 7 years now we have had a nice, pre-lit but fake Christmas tree. It's easy to decorate and looks good in no time. This year we don't have any of our belongings with us at our home in Canada so we had to go the old fashioned route. Hunter, Dad and I piled into the little Toyota truck and headed up to our ranch land in Beazer. Luckily we had a Chinook blow in the day before so the roads were nice and clear until we got to the dirt roads and fields. Four wheel drives are a must have up here. Otherwise we wouldn't have made it through the drifts. Once we made it to our property and the cabin we had a heck of a time getting to the saws and axe. The key to the tool shed was missing. But then, I'm a handy girl. Dad had tools and I had and idea. We had that lock off in a few minutes got the saw and popped the lock back on without a noticable trace of the B&E. Off we traipsed through the woods to find the perfect tree. When I was growing up the trees usually looked like they had come straight off the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. I kind of like the spindley look in an old fashioned Christmas but I wan't going to just jump on the first tree in my line of sight. We didn't have to hunt very long before we found one we really liked. Weeeelllll, that is, we really liked the top half of the tree. It was about 14 ft so we cut of the top 8. LOL! It looks pretty good decorated in our dollar store baubles and tinsel.



Lucky!!! That is my favorite part of our Ranch Christmas!!! Even my kids LOVE going up in the hills to get a Christmas tree! I tell ya...some things just aren't the same down here!!! I bet your tree will look awesome!!!

Rockelle Dixon

Living here in Oregon where 90% of the Christmas trees sold everywhere come from. we always get to cut down our tree. The difference is we dont have to bush wack to do it and we still usually have to pay a small fee. $20.
but that is usually any tree and size.
Looks like a fun outing!
Well I am off to the temple this morning.
Have a great day!
Tell your MA & PA howdy!


Oh, how fun ! You are such a handy woman to have around.

I have always wanted to cut our own must smell just delicious !This year, I got a free fake tree at Walgreens and I think after it's decorated, it will look pretty good.

Atkin Family

I'm so jealous -- fresh cut trees that you select personally, cut down, and bring home are the best. Besides the wonderful smell -- you don't have to worry that it's going to dry up and die before Christmas (we've had too many of those trees - bought from Home Depot - probably cut months prior to the holidays). I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!


You're a brave and spirited wonder. I don't mind my fake tree at all when I think about the cold and effort involved in getting a beauty. I'm settling for a pine-scented candle for my Christmas atmosphere!