Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a week!!!

I am so worn out! Mentally and physically! Monday my external hard drive jumped down onto the floor and broke. I lost so much including the latest wedding I was working on. I was just logging on to upload it to my storage and viewing site when it took it's fatal dive. I have been working like an insane woman all week trying desperately to recover enough material to present to the bride and groom. 4 hrs of sleep a night and a full days work plus commute then home to pick at my computers memory some more. I have recovered over a hundred photos but not as many as I promised the bride. I am missing some key photos like the bride and her grandparents but I don't know what else to do. I have reached the limit of my knowledge and my abilities. I guess I'll have to try and offer them a refund and beg their forgiveness or maybe a free album, professionally designed by their loser photographer, me.
Along with that fiasco, my work environment has been very challenging this week. I've had it with the grumpy old men club. Those crabs in the plumbing and electric departments need to be put out to pasture. What jerks!!! I am so tired of them griping everytime I give them their packdown assignments for the day. I am sick of them dropping papers loaded with numbers at me without explaining what they are. I am done with being blamed when the central office doesn't send the items they are in charge of and I have no control over. I am not having it anymore. I am not being the whipping girl for those crabby old prunes. I will stand up to them from now on. No more Mrs. Nice Girl. Pass the chocolate!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fantastic Parenting

My uncle Hugh is a riot. You have to read this article about his latest parenting choice. Parenting with the Geneva Conventions