Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dropping Everything!!! Including my drawers!

Most of you who are regular readers of my blog know that I am a 4 yr survivor of Endometrial Cancer. For those years I have been searching for a way to bring awareness to a taboo cancer. Even celebrities who've had it don't talk about it much (Fran Drescher). Cancer of any kind is devistating but one that takes away all the bits that make you a woman is particularly emotionally damaging.
Yesterday a co-worker began to talk about a cancer fundraiser she was participating in. I immediately assumed it was for one of the more well represented cancers and kind of tuned her out. Bad me!!! I finally asked what cancer it supported and was shocked yet thrilled to find out it was for cancers below the waist. I immediately announced I wanted in and was invited to join their team,
Saving 3rd Base . We'll be running through the streets of Calgary in our UNDERWEAR!! No, not really. Actually we will be costumed in a pair of fushia and black striped boy shorts, White with black striped, thigh high, socks, and white and black baseball T's that say Saving 3rd Base. Can you picture it? LOL!! Anyway, I'm looking for support boys and girls!!!! Donations will be more than appreciated! I can't do this on my own and besides what could be funnier than me and my prow of a ship physique running in that get-up? I may even wear a pink wig just to top it off.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Guess what I saw......

So, on the way home from work the other day, I happened to glance over to the east side of the road. I mean, come on, that drive can get pretty boring and just watching the highway is DULLSVILLE!! Anyway as I was admiring the roll of the prairie stubble I noticed an animal about 100yards back from the road just standing watching the cars pass. I noticed it from quite a ways back so was able to watch what it was doing. And just guess what it was........ a WOLF!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I was speaking with an aquaintance recently and she related the most shocking story to me. They moved to Leth a few years ago into a very upscale area. The ward in that section of town is full of trophy wives and too much money. Think of it as the House Wives of Orange County on a smaller scale and Canadian, Mormon style. Gettin' the picture? Anyway......the women have treated her abominally. They were disgusted with her career choice (not high class enough) and have basically shunned her entirely. That's not the shocking part, though. She had a teenage daughter at the time they moved in. The reigning "teen queen" of the ward told her daughter, "Look, this is how it works here. We do anything and everything. Then, when we want to get married in the Temple we just repent". WHAT?????? Yet, I knew this was accurate. I have known kids in that area who were like that. I just didn't know it was the general state of behavior. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be judgemental here. My problem with this is the hypocracy. I don't care what you believe or how you choose to live as long as you are genuine and honest. If those girls want to be that way, fine. Just don't fake it each Sunday, pretending to be a perfect, pretty, princess who lives her YW values. Ya know, these girls may end up having wonderful lives in the end but what about the girls they influenced with their behavior? Remember the movie "Mean Girls"? Think of it with a Mormon twist. Disgusting!!