Monday, December 22, 2008

We Made It!!

I woke up this morning in my own bed! Finally! LOL! We drove like maniacs on Friday all the way from North Platte to Knoxville and arrived at 3:30am EST. Losing time zones while you travel doesn't help with the drive time. LOL Oh well, we made it. It was shocking how many cars were in the ditch along the way. But the funniest was the cop who lost control of his cruiser just behind us. He recovered control just fine. We fell into bed for about 4 hrs and then had to jump into the minivan to get Jon up to his duty station in Quantico, VA. It was an 8hr drive so we knew we had a few hours to spare and decided to make a stop at Monticello, Thomas Jeffersons home. It is amazingly beautiful and fascinating. If you are ever in the D.C. area it is a must see. We had Jon to his duty station by 8pm. We decided to make the best of the situation and stayed overnight to tour Washington D.C. the next day. Hey why not make lemons into lemonade, right? It was great to be able to show Hunter such rich history. Now we are back home again and happy to be together. Sierra flies in in about 3 hrs and then we can get this Christmas started. I'll be popping in the Canadian Brass Christmas CD in no time. And yes, it was all worth it to be together again.

The White House decorated for Christmas.
Attack of the Killer Squirrel. This thing climbed up my arm to get my hotdog.

Hunter in front of the National Christmas Tree.

Jon holding up the Washington Monument.

Hunter in front of the stands being errected for the Inauguration of Pres. Obama. He was not happy about pictures, the cold or the lack of bathrooms. Poor kid. LOL.


The Morton's

Yay! I kept wondering about your and your expedition! Glad it worked out and you ended up home! Merry Christmas!


wow I didn't realize you were that close to DC...maybe I should look at a map sometime.
What a fun adventure...glad you are home safe and sound. I am dying to go to DC...that is my plan for this coming year of 09!


Good for you all...I am so happy that it all worked Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz said,"There's no place like home" !
have a blessed Christmas, my dear friends...LOL, Lynn


Glad you made it safely. I love the pics -- especially of the one of Jon holding up the National Monument!! Have a happy holidays! Hope you get your boots!

The Bullknitter

Wow, you are my hero. Such drive. Such determination. Way to go. I went to DC once and it was cold (February) but has a lot of cool stuff to see. Have a great Christmas.


Yipee for you and a Merry Christmas!! I hope that you are relaxed and happy and that you get everything you wish for. Cheers and here's too a less (crazy) eventful 2009.