Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My feet are cold!

Winter finally showed up! It's been snowing off and on for more than a day now. The roads a slick and my toes are cold.
Last night I went out to Leavitt to do family photos for the ward Christmas party. The snow was deep enough that it kept getting into my shoes as I traipsed in and out with lighting equipment. I've decided I need some warm boots for my poor tootsies. I've scoured the internet for what I truly want and here they are. The Warmbat Flurry!

I want the these in Chestnut instead of Tan. I think it will show less dirt and wet. I love the look of these; stylish, warm, good grips for the bad weather and I love the extra swatch of leather on the toe and heel. These should hold up better than comparable boots. The other feature I really like is the fold down top. Wear them high or wear them lower and show off the fleece. Cute, eh?

I have wide, short feet so I need to order a larger size than I wear, wear 7 order 8, and that seems to sell out the fastest. So, Santa, please, bring me warm feet for Christmas but order them quickly!



Those look really toasty warm...I'll put in a good word with Santa for you ! LOL

My feet are too...we have had record lows here (my blood used to be a lot thicker when I lived in the northeast and midwest !)Frost and ice to pick off the windshields !


Those are beautiful! I'm forgot to tell Santa where to ship them...

The Bullknitter

Very cute. I'm sure Santa won't overlook a good girl like you.

Atkin Family

First of all, Deanna, I'm sorry to hear the recent tough times, current, and future ones -- it sure sounds like you have your plate full -- I have no idea how you do it, really, you're amazing. Second, I'm so happy to hear about the Getty post - that's such an accomplishment!! Third, this is right down my alley - shopping -- and those boots look great! I have a similar pair that I throw on every winter and even wear around the house like slippers, and I even wear them with shorts in the spring -- I love them so hopefully you get a pair and enjoy them too. Lastly, sorry about the snow, and yes, you might need to hop on a plane with your brother and have him take you to Cabo -- there's a direct 2 1/2 hour flight from SLC. But until then, I agree with you - on accepting what is - and focus on what you can do - or ways to not have to think about about what you can't change -- Troy is really good at that, I wish I could do it better. Hang in there, and keep takin' pictures, they're really lovely. Quincey