Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update!! And it's good for once!

Ok, so I left you all hanging, I know. I haven't had an internet connection for a couple of days. My husband was able to pull some strings, after I went to bed in tears, early yesterday morning with our insurance company and miraculously got me a rental car out of Great Falls. I don't know how they found one. Priceline was telling me there was nothing available. They are even putting up most of the cost since they still hadn't decided what to do about my accident. By the way it is now officially TOTALLED. My very kind sister, Kali, the one with MS, drove me down to GF in her rental cause her car had been smashed up by a drunk. We left GF about 2pm and made it to my other sisters in Sandy by 11pm. Roads stunk but who cares? Jon is on his way out to his next duty station in Virgnia and has to be there by Sat at midnight so we decided to travel together. We left at 6am. By Parleys the roads were a nightmare and poor Jon had just bought the car he was driving. He bought a suped up, turbo charged, rear wheel drive. Ever tried to drive a rear wheel drive car in the ice and snow? Not an easy task. And when it has been suped up there is too much power for those kind of conditions. We chained him up in Coalville and I took off ahead to get to Evanston to buy him some snow tires or studded tires. Hard tires to find and when we did find them the techs at the tire store told him snow tires still wouldn't help him. Too much car for too much weather. The tires would cost about $1000. He as panicked after his 4 hour trip to Evanston (should have been just over and hour) and wasn't sure he could do it. I don't blame him. We looked at the Wyoming DOT cams and said 'scrap it'. We hired a transport company there and then. The kind boys at Plains Tire are letting him store it there for free until the transport comes. Too bad we left half the Christmas presents in it. Hope the get it to VA before the big day. Ok, so we grabbed what we could and stuffed a few of his necessaries into the little 2door Pontiac G5 that I am renting and headed out again. Well, lets just say that it's been a very long day. We have only made it to North Platte, NE. Not exactly very far along the road for the time spent on it. We travelled most of the way at 40mph but made it this far safely. I think poor Jon is about panic stricken at this point. We hit a lot of white outs and slick, snow covered roads but were blessed mightily along the way and had not one real problem.
Thank you all for your concern, love and prayers on our behalf. I know they made a huge difference in finding a way for us to be a family for Christmas. Thanks again!!!


The Bullknitter

I hope this saga has a happy ending. I have been feeling for you at this special time and hoping you would be reunited with your hubby and your home.


Be safe on your after another, huh? I hope your ordeals are all worth it. Merriest Christmas.


Yeah !!!! That's a relief !