Monday, October 19, 2009

I have a blog?? Really? Hmmmm Maybe I Should Write Something....

A top-down view of the 2006 Segway PTImage via Wikipedia

Ya but.... what? Well.....I'm stalling.....I'm stalling.....I'm...
Got it! So my ankle and foot are an amazing color of purplish blue. I seem to have an amazing talent for getting hurt. On Saturday the hubby, son and I were at West Ed enjoying the attractions. Hunter had to try the Segways. I thought they looked pretty cool and thought well what's the harm, right? HUH! I think I must be a magnet for injuries and accidents. I got to ride the all terrain one. It was BIG! I thought I had the hang of it. I could ride the track and up and down the little ramps. But then they threw in a large ramp and my skills weren't as proficient as I thought. As I got to the top it started to roll back. I stepped off and that was my mondo mistake. My foot caught on the edge of the ramp, and the Segway rolled back and snagged my ankle at twisting it the opposite way that my foot was going. Yowchy!! All this momentum through me down the ramp onto my elbow, shoulder and head. I didn't want to ruin our time together so I downplayed the whole thing. By the end of the day it was HUGE! So now I walk around with a limp, again. The folks at work think I'm some sort of freaky loser who can't be allowed around machinery and should live in a plexiglass box like a David Blaine stunt. Maybe I'll become a mime for my next gig. For now I respond to the name "Gimpy".

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