Saturday, August 29, 2009

My baby girl is a blogger tooo!

SiSi (Hunter's name for her) has started her own blog. It's really cute! Those of you who know her may want to check it out. Will Blog For Food. I think it's a great idea she has started here. If you have any tips for her please share!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The fun is done.....

Utah? Been there. Done that. My summer fun has come to an end. The oldest one is well ensconced in her new apartment. Her books are purchased and some work has been obtained to offset her parents costs. Thank goodness!!! She seems to like the new place so I'll just wait for the first phone call once classes have started to see how she really is. Leaving a child, no matter what their age is really difficult! I know it's not the first time but it's still really hard letting go.
I had a really nice surprise though. Doug flew in for the weekend!!! It was fan-freakin-tastic to get to spend time with the man. I have missed him lately like I never have before. We've always had years where we would spend about a month apart during the summers and that has been fine but now we've put a whole year under our belts and it's not so fine anymore. It's killing me to be precise. I've always been so independent and liked it but not anymore. Give me my man!!! We've decided to fast together this Thurs. to see if we can get some answers to put the family back together. I sure need your prayers if you can spare some. There has to be a way to make this work for all of us. We just can't see it yet. So, a little begging and pleading on our behalf would be more than appreciated.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We made it!!!

After a nice long drive, we finally found some warm weather. Summer showed up in Utah. Too bad it didn't make it as far north as Alberta this year. Hunter is sooooo happy to see Sierra. He has really missed her. It is funny to see them together again. Last time he was at least 6 inches smaller than he is now. She was so surprised that he was that big. LOL! She is about 6ft and he is almost as tall as me now. Won't be long before he towers over her. Last night at the hotel, while he was swimming, I just happened to notice how grown up he is looking. He has an adam's apple now and his shoulders are starting to get a little broader. He is getting that gangly teenager look about him but still wants to look ultra cool all the time. What a change that is! The gorgeous daughter informs me that she has been having a great time dating one particular young man. Thankfully he is leaving on a mission soon. I get to help her move into her apartment on Friday. She is living off campus this year. We'll be doing a lot of school shopping down here 'cause with their economy so crappy the deals are amazing. Great news for my pocket book.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is SO cool!!

I live out in the boonies, right? And I'm cheap too. So that means I have peasant TV. Yup, three whole channels of nothing, but today I discovered the best online site ever!!! I can watch the good channels I've been missing right here with Online TV. Now I won't be missing out on anything cause it's free too!!! Hehehehe!! I feel like I've discovered a gold mine!! So cool!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still here.....

I put off posting for a while in hopes that I would have some good news to tell you all about. Sorry, but the news isn't what I wanted. I applied for a Department Supervisor position at HD and thought I had a pretty good chance of getting it. Oooopps! Wrong again!!!! But what else is new? Anyway, I was told it was a very close competition but they went with a fellow associate of mine that had been working here longer than me. When I asked for feed back about the interview and what I could do to improve my chances for next time I was told that I needed to learn to put things more delicately. That I needed to learn to deliver things in a more positive way. Code for "you're too harsh". That's the one thing that was certain to bring me to tears. Yup I am sometimes loud, brash, over the top, and at times aggressive. Apparently not a good quality. It is the one part of my personality that I have the most insecurity about. Usually I am happy with who I am and what I do, except when someone points out that I am not all sunshine and light, or that I am not what they usually expect from big breasted blondes. I don't have that cheerleader smile and joy oozing from my pores. I'm not what the RS ladies would call a sweet spirit. I try! Really, I do!!! I want to be seen as a kind, good person and most of the time see myself as that but maybe I live in the land of denial and don't see the real me. I guess I'm more of a square peg who can't fit the round hole. Hmmmm....... lots to think about and re-assess. Is a personality makeover even possible?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh my aching Shoulders and Back!!

I must be getting old or something!!! I know I'm not in years but really my body has been dragging lately. The last week or so my back and shoulders have been so tense and sore. I needed a massage so badly but I honestly don't have the time to take out of my day. An hour at a massage therapists just isn't possible with my long work day and long commute. But those are the exact reasons I need one. So what to do? Check these out!!! Human Touch Massage Chairs You have to try these!! It's like a real person is working your body! I sat down in one and didn't want to get out again. I must have one of these! Seriously, they are amazing. This company has analyzed massage therapists and used the latest techniques in robotics to replicate the movements. The result? AMAZING! My favorite part is the calf massage. Ya, you heard me.... calf massage from a chair! I loved it!!!! My body felt just as good as it did after a massage from a well known spa. I know lots of you have tried other massage chairs that have those rolling things and claim to be realistic shiatsu massages. Ya, whatever! They don't even close to the Human Touch Massage Chair These have more than one dimension to the movements and that makes all the difference! Oh, Honey!! My birthday is coming up! Hint, hint.

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