Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let Me OFF!

I think somebody, somewhere, is having a great laugh over my cosmic roller coaster life. Maybe my Guardian Angel is bipolar and went off her meds. I finally had to just start laughing because otherwise I would be totally off the deep end.

Let's start off from the last entry. I was crying or on the verge of tears for about 36 hrs. Then I received an email from Getty Images accepting me as one of their photographers. I was thrilled to get a chance to work with the world's premier photography company. What a yank out of the dumps. I felt validated and worthwhile. My very kind friends had been sending me messages of love and support and that made a world of difference. Sierra came up from BYU and Jonny was here to make me laugh. So here I am on cloud 9. Feeling like my old invincible self, I was ready to hit the road running.

Jon and Sierra wanted to go to Waterton and I thought it might be some great opportunity for winter photos. Off we set. It was cold, and we had a tiny skiff of blowing snow but it was 10am and already melting. 10 miles to the west we ran into more snow. 3 more miles and I was just getting that feeling of 'turn around now'. We crossed the Belly River, going less than 45 mph,.started up the other side and hit snow covered ice. One of the wheels grabbed a tiny slice of traction and it threw us across the road. I did everything I was trained to to. Steered into the skid, let off the gas, didn't touch my brakes. All to no avail. We shot into the ditch, hit a hole with the drivers side tire, pitched toward and hit a pole on the passenger side and flipped onto our side. The windows shattered onto Sierra but we came away without a scratch. For which I am truly grateful. However, the SUV, well....... it needs some major help. People kindly tried to stop to help us but they kept skidding as they got to us so we just waved them on. I must say, I love cell phones. A few calls and we had a ride, a tow truck and went on our way. We made it to Waterton and got some cute pics after all. Check the other blog for pics later.

But I tell ya, I am beginning to wonder about the happenings in my life and who is having the big belly laugh as they manipulate things. I figure if I don't start looking at all this with humour instead of dread panic, I'll be jumping off the High Level bridge. So, on this day of American Thanksgiving, I am thankful for humour, no injuries, good people, kindness, and friendship. But I'm also praying for a money tree 'cause if things were ultra tight before, well now I have no words to describe the fun we are going to have trying to meet all our obligations. Hmmm. I've told the Lord it's His deal now. I can do only what I can do and the burden is now on His shoulders.



I'm so proud of you for the Getty deal ! Wow, I now know a published and prominent photographer...

I am also relived you on out of the dumps...I was very worried about you LOL !


So it's not just your non-talented friends that think you are amazingly talented!! Congratulations on your Getty deal. I'm a little dorky so I'm glad you sent me a small explanation. You'll have to do a separate blog entry explaining the nitty gritties to you get commission on chosen photos? a contract for a certain amount of time or no. of pics? etc. I'm so proud of you!!

Sorry about the car. I'm so glad you were unharmed and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll stumble on a way to pay for it. Hang in there.


Hey, you can't go wrong with 2 redheads cheering you on...the stoneage Wilma and 21st century Rita ! LOL

The Morton's

Congratulations! I'd love to know more about your new job, i'm clueless! So sorry to hear about your glad you're okay!
Stay strong!