Wednesday, November 5, 2008


No, that's not quite true..... I've come to hate what that color represents. Call me politically incorrect, I don't care. I am sick to death of the pink ribbon and all the pink fundraising. All sorts of businesses donate portions of their proceeds in Oct. to breast cancer but don't support any other cancer, ever. I have taken to confronting them. Someone needs to say something. Honestly, those of us who have had other forms of cancer no longer exist. Do people really think that women only get breast cancer? Why does it get all the attention? Are we still to chicken too talk about the really big taboo cancer? I'll say it GYNECOLOGICAL CANCER!!!!! Yup, ladies it happens. A lot more than you would like to think! On average, one woman in the United States is diagnosed with gynecologic cancer every seven minutes -- that’s more than 200 women diagnosed each and every day. And I'm tired of being invisible. Did you know that there is no test to screen for uterine cancer? Why are we giving more money to the boobs? Women who lose their breasts to cancer can get reconstructive surgery to make them feel more normal and its covered by insurance. I didn't get a replacement uterus and ovaries. And yes the transplant is possible. Support groups all over for the boobs but the other girlie bits have to hide in a corner because we can't get the help or recognition we need. There are special groups to help breast cancer victims with wigs, special make-up lessons, special camps and get -away weekends, grants to help with medical bills and on and on and on........ Know what kind of help there is for women who technically become eunichs because of their gyn. cancer? NADA!!!!!! I am tired of being invisible. I want to make a fake uterus and pin it to my lapel. Then will you notice me? Will you?
So, in honor of all GYNECOLOGICAL CANCERS, I have changed my blog to purple, their color of support. That's right all the vaginal, vulvular, endometrial, uterine, cervical, ovarian and clitoral cancers, I'm letting the world know we are here. We exist. We need support too!! You never know when it could happen to you. I had endometrial cancer almost 4 years ago. I'm alive and kicking and in 16 months I will be an offical survivor.


Mike and Rebecca

I love you mind if I forward it on?


Good rant Deanna ! And so right on...I am gonna be blunt now...I am also sick and tired of the Boob focus...! They raise so much for it and don't even bother to share with other types of cancer ! On our local station, it's Pink ribbons etc. 24/7 !

Mrs. Bush was chided last year by the "Boob lobby" as they wined for focusing on heart disease and attacks being the #1 cause of death in women...they were so afraid she would take away THEIR fundraising money with the Red Dress campaign !

The Bullknitter

Hear, hear! Amen.


My favorite line from your very JUSTIFIED rant:
"Why are we giving more money to the boobs?"

Deanna, I had no idea that you had cancer. Thank you for sharing your story and feelings.

I think that it all boils down to what EVERYTHING else in this country does--MARKETING. Breast cancer's got smart PR peeps on their side. If you weren't such a talented photographer, I'd beg you to turn lobbyist/fund-raiser but don't you dare take time from your true calling!! I try to take care not to be swayed by publicity but I'm guilty on this one. Thanks for the reminder.

Wayne and Melissa

I read this from Rebecca forwarding it on. Very beautifully written! And here's a thought Rita...If she took pictures of her Cancer parts, that'll get some PR for sure! lol! Good Luck the next 16 months!

Atkin Family

I've always loved purple more than pink anyway!!! Thanks for your thoughts -- people NEED to start be more verbal and speaking out about things they feel strongly about . . . I'm glad to hear you're doing well now . . . albeit a little anxiety-ridden!! Join the club on that one. Q