Monday, November 10, 2008

Proud Parents

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. A day of pride, sorrow, joy and reverence. On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour we pause for 2 minutes of silence. Because it is a holiday the elementary school held their assembly today and had the children participate more than I have ever seen before. The older children grades 4-6 were asked to write an essay or poem and the contest winners read their work. Hunter, has never had a Remembrance Day before and was a little surprised at all the effort and time put into this day. Veterans Day in the States is just not the same. The kids sang O Canada, watched a video on the importance of the day, sang again, recited poetry, ready essays, sang some more. Doug, who came to visit this week, was amazed at all that we do.

What we loved the most though, was that Hunter was selected as a flag attendant for the National Anthem and he read his essay as well. Tomorrow he is singing " The White Cliffs of Dover" with the school choir for the community program. He has really taken to his new community and they have taken to him. He fits in so well, which is a very new phenomenon for him. I'll post my official Remembrance Day info tomorrow



Wow...good for him!!! Sounds like a canuck at heart!!! Those pics with all the flags lined up almost made me teary eyed!!!!

And I was a shocker to move down here and see what a difference Veterans day is. My first year down...I spent and entire afternoon looking for somewhere to buy a poppy! People were looking at me like I was NUTS!!! For reals!!! Then I realized it must just be a Canada thing! DOH!!!

What a great kid you have there!!!


Congratulations for Hunter! It's so nice that he is feeling a part of the community and school. Kudos to the teachers for seeing something great in him and asking him to take a central role in the program.

I need to get the full story on why he is attending school in Cardston and why you trek back and forth between two places. I can't help but think of how taxing it must be for you so it must have to do with you being super mom for your little guy, super daughter to your parents, etc. I hope it's working out for you too. You're a great person, Deanna.


Canada holds a special place in my heart...My Mom's parents and grandparents were born in Nova Scotia ( Mill Village & Springhill ) and I am very proud of my Canadian roots !

What a great child Hunter is...Wow, what an honor !

Were your kids born in Canada or the U.S. ? What's the story ? I guess I'm like Rita,inquiring minds want to know... I really regret thst I never asked you while you lived here...

Lynette, many Veterans groups give out flowers on Veterans Day here in the U.S. They look kind of like poppies but I'm not sure...


Veterans groups do hand out poppies on Veterans day...inspired by the poem by a Canadian Army Officer in WWI.

It is worn on the lapel over the heart to signify honor for service rendered and sacrifice given by Veterans and as a thank you for donating to Veterans causes.

The Morton's

I'm happy for Hunter, must be so comforting as mom to see that.
Are you ever coming down I-15 again? I'd love you to take some family photos for me, I can't even get a Christmas card to turn out.............