Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random Blabbering

I found this card I had written in my scriptures this morning on my way to church.......

"We had the most bizarre request in RS today. The lesson was about Joseph's letters to his family, so the teacher asked u to write a letter to some loved one letting them know what we would say if we were never to see them again. Well, that was out of the blue. Morbid much? Not something I want to think about really. So there we sat for 15 min faithfully scrawling in our little cards. What do you say? How do you choose just one person to write to? Besides, I kind of did this before with my cancer diagnosis. When your own mortality smacks you in the face you try to cram a lot into your life, but most importantly you cram your love down your kids throats! LOL! Hey, you know they want it. But, here's the thing. I can't just turn on that sort of emotion just because my teacher tells me to. Especially when I have done so well living in my own reality of happy land. If and when you get a letter like that it well be well thought out and sincerely written in my own time. Believe me, if I have something to tell you, I'll do it. I'm not the shy girl I once was. If you have impacted me in a meaninful way, I'll find a way to share that with you. Maybe someday soon you'll feel a tap on your shoulder or recieve an email expressing my deepest appreciation for the time, words , or love you have shared. Be on the lookout!"



Good post Deanna !

Well, that request to choose one person and write all that, to me would be bizzare...something very personal to do in private I think !


You are darling. I love your honesty and depth and here is what I am thinking about you right now...sincerely:
You have not had an easy life. You seem to be enriched and strengthened by your past rather than embittered-- true gift to yourself and those around you.
You are beautiful and talented. You share your insight and gifts freely.
I am thankful for the small reconnection that I have with you through our HS reunion and now your blog. I feel better and happier for knowing you again.