Saturday, August 23, 2008

Picking Berries after the fall

It's been a very long day. This morning Mom had to return her 24hr heart monitor to the hospital. While there we ran into her sister Margaret who informed us that Grandma was in the emergency room after having a nasty fall getting out of the shower. Oh she looked a mess. Since she is on warfarin (blood thinner) she bled a lot! Even though they had cleaned her up some she was still caked in dried blood all over her head. Poor thing! She ended up with stitches in the back of her skull. But she is going to be ok. That's the important part. So after 4 hours of helping care for Grandma we headed back "up in the hills" to pick Saskatoons (service berries for you Americans) and wild raspberries. Mmmm Mmmmm Good! The trees were loaded! Now while you are looking through the photos below you will notice a couple of guns. Well, let me explain. We've had a lot of grizzly bear trouble this summer and a lot of scat indicating that the bears have been enjoying the berries too. Dad was in charge of the rifle and I was in charge of the 20 guage shotgun. No bears, no worries! But boy did we end up with a lot of berries. Pies here we come!!



Deanna...LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics! Those Old Chief pics are awesome!!! I am "johnsing" for some of those berries...they look yummy!!!


My Great grandma used to make wild berry pies in Nova Scotia...her boys would go into the pie safe, cut the crusts off with their pen knives and eat out the berries and replace the top crust...boy did they get a whopping in the shed when she went to cut those pies !

That shotgun has quite a kick when fired...I'm impressed you can handle it so well ! Glad you didn't have to use it...that's my worst fear going into the woods...especially when you are picking one of their fav food sources...with bears you shoot and ask questions later !


Wowsers. Beautiful photos. I'm sure that you've heard a million times but I'll remind you...You are very talented, my dear. My favorites are of Old Chief, not surprisingly. The more I'm away from 'home', the more I recognize the beauty of the place I took for granted.

I just read your family description. I had no idea that your daughter went to college this year!! Wow. Where is she attending and what is she studying? I also didn't know that your son has Asperger's. I'm a school psych. and work with this a lot. I know that each child/student is different but I would love to pick your brain for some of the things that have worked for him in school...