Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Heritage Days

We haven't been able to attend Heritage Days for years because it always conflicts with school starting in the States. Not this year. Oh the freedom!!! We started the morning out by helping Jamie and Connie at the Silk Purse to make the meal for the parade dignitaries. The parade started at 11am. It was my (gulp) 20 year high school reunion. I was supposed to join them on a float but was trying to spend my time in town incognito. So much for that plan. My aunt Maureen and cousin Joni yelled out to my former classmates as the float went by, "Deanna's right here"!! They all pelted me with candy as they tried to get me up on the float. NOT HAPPENING. I did attend the picnic afterwards and it was nice to see them. Afterward Mom and Dad showed up and Dad and I went to all the family softball games. I love softball! I wish I could have played but the rosters have to be made up in advance and no one knew I was coming. Not only that but this stupid ankle still isn't even close to healed yet. Oh well. Next year.



How fun for you and your family and finally some pictures of horses !

A twenty year reunion is nothing...I gasp and turn green when I think of mine ( I graduated in 1969 but don't tell anybody)


Sheesh, Deanna. I can't believe you wouldn't risk life and limb to jump--literally--at the chance to ride in the Heritage Day parade with the rest of us OLD idiots!
I was glad that you came to the family picnic even if you just stayed for a little while. I hope that 2013 will allow you another trip. We had so much fun I think people are voting for a 25th. If that actually happens, we need an additional Leavitt girls reunion!