Friday, September 5, 2008

Sierra goes to BYU

How do you really let your baby go? Last week we picked Sierra up at the SLC airport a few days before classes started at BYU. We had all the new student fun of opening a chequing account at Zions were I had opened my student account and buying all her text books and watching the money drain out of that new account. Sierra seemed shocked by the number of students in the bookstore. Little did she know that this was truly minor compared to the influx that would happen by the first day of class. Moving into the dorms was an interesting experience. So many parents and kids trying to find their way. Too bad her new keys didn't work! What a pain. She seems to be liking it there and enjoying all the new friends she has made. Can't wait to see the first report card. LOL!


The Richards Family

No WAY is Sierra old enough to go to college! I guess she's the same age as my sister - who just started school, so it would make sense...time really flys!


Holy Cow! I remember her in Primary! Time doesn't stand still does it? Congrats on BYU! I'm sure she'll fly thru it--if she doesn't get married first! :-) Are you ready for that Grandma?! ha, ha! j/k

The berries look soooo good. I miss strawberry picking in FL! Aren't you glad to be missing out on the hurricanes right now?!

If she ever needs anything or place to go for the weekend, send her up here! There are shuttles!


Oh my goodness! I cannot believe you've got a little girl who is old enough to go to BYU!! Amazing. Your post made me long to be young again. What a fun time for her. She's obviously rooming in some Heritage Halls hasn't changed a bit since I attended...except it looks like she has a dishwasher! Lucky!!

Don't forget that I'm Layton is only an hour away if she needs something, I'd be happy to help out.


It can't be true...I must have fallen into an alternate universe or a time machine or something...Sierra, at BYU ?

Wow, you guys must be so proud of her and she is beautiful !

Hope she loves the "Y" as much as our daughter Debbie did ! Letting go is hard I know !


Wow!!! I can't hardly believe that! College??? Yikes! I bet that was hard leaving her there....I hope she does good and has a good time...learning of course!!!

The Bullknitter

Hey, looks like Heritage Halls got new couches! She's gonna love the Y. Yup, takes me back...

Jenilee Sizemore

Pretty much dito to what everyone else said. I cannot believe Sierra is already a college student. That is so awesome that she is at BYU. You guys must be so proud. I can still remember her walking into Young Women's when she was twelve.