Friday, April 2, 2010

OH the fun of Retail!

Since it is Good Friday and school was out, I took my son with me to work today. Just as I set him his first task our adventure began. He'd only been out of my sight for maybe 20 seconds. He came tearing around the end of the aisle yelling "Call 911! A customer's been hurt!" I ran to investigate and found a customer I'd seen only a minute before, with blood pouring out of his mouth and his female companion proclaiming he had been assaulted outside. I sped off for the phone and for some first aid supplies. As I convinced him to put pressure on his wound I called for help. But the whole story was sounding fishy. As I reported to the 911 operator all that I knew, another woman began frantically pointing to a man walking past, "that's him, Jimmy Bad Man. He's the one". This man was apparently the assailant and was headed straight for the victim. I had 911 dispatch the police immediately. Luckily our handy dandy former military man just happened in the door at that moment, stopped the bad guy and brought him back to me at the service desk where we proceeded to investigate what looked like a lumpy bumpy shoplifter. Oh joy! Another case of bacon down the pants. It then began to dawn on me that this was all a set up. Jimmy began to complain that they made him doing it while pointing at the bloody man. It looks like they set up an elaborate ruse just to steal a case of bacon. All of them got arrested. Great way to introduce my son to the fabulous world of working retail.


Nonna Beach

WOW...what people won't do to steal something. Scary...glad you are both O.K.


Holy cow...or should I say in pork, get it, bacon?!
Anyway, YIKES and I'm glad it turned out okay. Crazy stuff.