Sunday, April 25, 2010

100 Days

As you all know, I have been in a special training session in Ft. Saskatchewan over the last 2 months. Our last project of the session is to develop two 100 day business plans. Yikes!! So, I'm hoping if I let you all know about them as well it will help to keep me more accountable. I have to present the results at the Learning Centre in August and I want to be successful. I plan to run a fantastic Garden Centre. Last years wasn't as profitable as hoped and I am don't want a repeat. Also, I am revamping the way I run my Beauty department. I am changing things up a bit. Task lists and planos signed off when completed. I hope this will keep my employees more accountable. It's hard sometimes to manage people you have known all your life. Especially ones who are your parents friends. It makes for some interesting dynamics. I have to figure out a way to overcome my reticence in dealing out discipline and coaching. It's not going to be easy for me but as we've been told repeatedly at the LC, "we learn best in the stretch zone". Grrr! I would much rather be comfortable. LOL!


Nonna Beach

Whoa, you have your work cut out for you ! I have somehow lost track of which company you are working for now. They sure so some intensive training...hope your challenges and projects go well and are successful in the future !!!