Friday, January 29, 2010

The Worst Day Yet.

Today was scheduled for Grandma H's funeral. I stayed up late last night trying to get ready. I was to play a flute solo and needed to get a photo printed for display at the reception. Besides that I just couldn't sleep. It's not the easiest thing to lay down and close your eyes when so much is on your mind. I finally got my eyes to close around 3am. At 4:22am the phone rang. My aunt was calling to say that Grandpa Q had been taken to Emerg and the Dr. was saying to gather the family. What a wake up call. Dad left first and about 20 min later Sierra and I jumped into the car and raced the 45 minutes to the hospital. We made it in time. Grandpa passed at about 7am. He was aware enough to know we were there. I was able to say goodbye to one more Grandparent this week. What a draining day. Grandpa dies at 7am and we put
Grandma in the ground at 1pm.

I am so very exhausted. Emotionally and physically I have given my all. My brain feels like mush and my heart is so heavy but truthfully I am so very grateful for the knowledge of the restored gospel. It makes me so glad to know that they are both with loved ones who have passed before and that they have been received into the arms of their Savior. What joy they must have. In a way I am jealous that they have gone and I am still here. Although I will miss them more than I can say and have dreaded this day, I can honestly say I am happy for them. Happy that they are free of pain and sorrow. I know that my Redeemer lives and loves them and me. What peace there is in this knowledge.



Love you, Deanna. What a difficult time. It is a comfort to believe in what comes next but our earthly perceptions leave us heavy and so so sad. I love you and your family. Please feel comfort.

Deanna Quinton Larson

Thank you, Rita.

Nonna Beach

My friend, all I can say is I hope and pray your family love will keep you going even when you think you can't at this most sorrowful time.
Having eternal perspective really helps soften the blow of losing cherished loved ones but you never stop missing their presence, their voice, their touch or their wisdom.
Love you Always,