Friday, January 1, 2010

Now what?

It's 2010! 2010! What? Already?
When I was a teen, like most teens, I sort of planned out what I wanted to happen in my life. For some reason I never planned for anything after the age of 30. That was almost 10 years ago! I just couldn't see that we would still be here on earth this long or at least my life extending that long. So here we are at the dawning of a new year; a new decade. Now what? Seriously, I'm at a loss for goals and such this year. I'm not one for serious, life-changing resolutions because I don't think that sort of pressure is realistic to live with. Change if you want to but you can do that anytime. What I really like to do is have something to reach for sometime during the year. Unfortunately, I haven't thought of any for this year. Just a general goal, that's all. Any ideas? Should I take up a new language? Learn a new skill? Take a class? In what? Maybe I should become a world class body builder? LOL! Ya, that'll happen! Hmmmm.........really am stumped here. It's not that I think I'm perfect, honest! Far from it! I'm just not that motivated right now. I think if I heard an interesting idea that might spark something but who knows? Maybe I'll just keep trucking on in the direction I was going, doing the same things, trying to improve the same things. What could that hurt?



Come to Florida and play with ME!!!

Nonna Beach

I'm with you on over for me...I amjust going to live each day as a gift and give everything my very best effort !

I'm with Becka...come to Florida and we'll have a blast ! LOL

The Morton's

I'm not a big new year's resolution person either, but I was thinking about working on making my comments more positive, and glass half-full, focussing on the good kind of thing. I catch myself being negative lately!


I happen to know what age you're turning this year...
Do something on the year you turn 40 that you couldn't have done the year you turn 40! Good luck.


Wow. Did you understand my comment? Guessing not...I meant, do something in the year you turn 40 that you could not have done the year you turned 20...That makes a little more sense. Duh.

The Bullknitter

I'm a "make new years' resolutions anytime of the year" type of gal myself. If something needs changing, there's no time like the present. Unless of course it's something big and nasty, and then I'll save it for the new year :)