Sunday, June 28, 2009

Signed on the Dotted Line

2006-2008 Pontiac G6 photographed in USA.Image via Wikipedia

Well, I've finally made the car purchase. (drum roooollllllll) A bright red Pontiac G6 sedan. I really wanted to go with an SUV but the gas usage on my comute would have been ridiculous. I shopped for days trying to convince myself to by a car. I couldn't find anything that made me say something more than, whatever! I was about to give up but decided one more dealership. I saw one I thought I would like but was dead wrong. So decide to try the cute red one. OOOO wait this is fun. Then I started up the engine. Wow!!! This one was so fun to drive! I loved all the gizmos and gadgets! Finally! A car I could like as much as the much covetted Ford Edge (which will be my next car). The deal is that in a year or so this one wil be Doug's and I will be able to buy whatever I want. Hehehe! I put in an offer and got it at a fabulous price. Lower than it blue booked in the States. Boy is the husband proud of me. I've signed all the paper work and will be picking it up Monday after work once I have insurance and registered the sucker. Yeah!!!! Freedom!!!!!!!

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Woohoo! You do know that red cars and their spunky drivers receive disproportionately more speeding tickets, right? Hmmm. I drive a dark green vehicle...maybe it has a little more to do with the actual speed the driver goes. D'oh!

Congratulations on your purchase. It looks like lots of fun and I bet there's no mashed up fishy crackers or milkshake spills anywhere inside. What a dream!


Oh, that's a hot ride...say a big Woo Hoo out the window for me and have fun with it ! LOL