Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Car Shopping (being stuck by a thousand needles)

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You all know that I need a car. I still haven't replaced the totalled SUV from last winter. I've been gradually stopping by dealerships and trying out vehicles. I have to do it small steps because I feel so overwhelmed when salesmen approach me and ask what I am looking for. I DON"T KNOW!! It needs to drive me to work, get decent gas mileage, be reasonably priced, cute, if possible, and not make me feel like the average soccer mom. I found an add today that had the exact car I wanted for a steal of a price and exactly the color I wanted. A Dodge Journey! I loved my Durango before the husband sold it when I got cancer for a minivan with all the fancy features like buttons that close doors, so I wouldn't have to strain myself ie. get fatter. Unfortunately, by the time I could get over there after work they had sold it. So I spent much of the afternoon scoping out more cars. AAAHHHH! The salesmen were such slimey guys. Why can't they just give you a straight answer? I couldn't handle more than a couple of hours of the torture and had to give up. I think I'll do all my preliminaries online and then just show up with my best offer and they can take it or leave it. Back to the web to shop shop shop.
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What a giant hassle. I think you're smart to just march in with an offer. Warn them ahead of time that you're TIRED of shopping and don't need any of them trying to talk you into something more or different. Too bad you don't have red might be able to scare them into it!
Good luck.


Do your homework and remember, it's a buyers market !

I haven't shopped for a car in 14 years (1994 Chevy, 1998 Ford Explorer, still running them into the ground ) and I like it that way for all the reasons you described...and Rita is right, if you have red hair ( which I have had for a couple of years now,) they don't mess with you !

The Morton's

So sorry, i HATE car shopping. they're like vultures. i agree with lynn, its buyers market, they should giving them away practically! my favorite tool in car shopping is the Consumer Reports car edition, it has saved me a lot of pain and grief, and had i consulted it sooner, would have spare me the grief of the Montana van :-)

sorry to hear about your legs. what a pain, (no pun intended). sorry i havent got to comment so much, but i have been following your blog! hope you're having a great summer!