Friday, February 27, 2009

Have you heard the latest?

Pres. Obama visited Canada last week. Not new news, I know but, today NORAD released information regarding an incident that happened earlier that same day. Apparently a Russian bomber flew well into Canadian airspace. Two fighter jets were sent from Cold Lake, Alberta to intercept. The Russian military claimed it was a routine patrol. So why were they in our air space? Well, here is my interpretation.......Lately there has been an international dispute about Canada's claim to the Artic islands that we have claimed for more than 100 years without issue. Now all sorts of countries want to raise the flag on these far northern barren lands because there is a good chance they are full of minerals and most likely oil and gas. Unbelievable!!! How about Canada just lays claim to Florida since so many of us journey down there for months at a time? Sounds fair, right? Or maybe we'll just claim the Hawaiian Islands. They'd be a fair trade for those northern islands, don't ya think?


Atkin Family

You need to keep us updated on these Canadian news/political events, since we here in the United States tend to be a little Americentric -- we forget there are other countries that exist beyond the US . . . I would laugh if I found out my dad was in the paper b/c he met Obama (since you mentioned Obama was in AB) -- my dad mentioned there was a possibility of that happening b/c of his something he was working on as a councilmember for the Blood Tribe -- we all laughed and joked it off as false artifact of his grandiose world he lives in!!!!


Oh, my ! The Russians think they are invincible I guess ? You go, Canadian Air Force !!!

I don't trust Russia to this day and I find it disturbing they are back in Cold War mode and trying to claim Canadian land along with other greedy countries. I hope our country will defend our good neighbor Canada if others try to steal those islands !

I love my country,however, as you know, I have very deep roots in Canada also ! LOL