Sunday, February 22, 2009

Forgive Me?

I have been a terribly neglectful blogger. I confess that I have been just too busy to get on the computer much. My shift starts at 6 am and since I am not a morning person this has taken some getting used to. However, I am not about to complain. I LOVE working at HD. Most of the people I work with are fantastic! I've, for the most part, learned the computer system I use to control the ordering for my departments and feel quite competent in my position now. There's more to learn this week and I'm excited to do it.

Poor little Stink has been so very sick this week. Sicker than he has been in years. I've experienced for the first time the guilt of leaving a sick child because of my work responsibilities. Thank goodness for Mom. She took care of the little guy and he is making a good recovery.

I've also got 2 weddings booked here in Alberta. Yay!!!!! Let's hope for lots more! I'll post some of the engagement pics I took this week on the other blog soon.



Yipee for your bookings. Those lucky couples!

I'm glad Home Depot is working out and I hope your little guy is on the mend. It is hard to leave a sick kid. :(

I'm glad you're back to blogging.

NO idea but maybe the Legacy 1/2 marathon on May 23rd would like you to take pictures of the runners?? You could gather email addresses and $$$ and send the digital files...Just a thought. I love getting a race picture.


Legacy 1/2 marathon in Cardston...guess I should have mentioned that part.

My brother-in-law, Jesse Salmon, in Leavitt might be able to fill you in.


I missed you so much ! Nothing to forgive...just life and must do things got in the way and of course, working takes it's toll too.

Hope the little big guy is feeling better soon LOL