Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I was speaking with an aquaintance recently and she related the most shocking story to me. They moved to Leth a few years ago into a very upscale area. The ward in that section of town is full of trophy wives and too much money. Think of it as the House Wives of Orange County on a smaller scale and Canadian, Mormon style. Gettin' the picture? Anyway......the women have treated her abominally. They were disgusted with her career choice (not high class enough) and have basically shunned her entirely. That's not the shocking part, though. She had a teenage daughter at the time they moved in. The reigning "teen queen" of the ward told her daughter, "Look, this is how it works here. We do anything and everything. Then, when we want to get married in the Temple we just repent". WHAT?????? Yet, I knew this was accurate. I have known kids in that area who were like that. I just didn't know it was the general state of behavior. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be judgemental here. My problem with this is the hypocracy. I don't care what you believe or how you choose to live as long as you are genuine and honest. If those girls want to be that way, fine. Just don't fake it each Sunday, pretending to be a perfect, pretty, princess who lives her YW values. Ya know, these girls may end up having wonderful lives in the end but what about the girls they influenced with their behavior? Remember the movie "Mean Girls"? Think of it with a Mormon twist. Disgusting!!



Sadly I doubt that is unique to that ward. I have heard others say that before. It is a terrible misunderstanding of repentance and Jesus' sacrifice for us for sure. Maybe they need someone to come talk to them that did the same thing and then found out that true repentance is that easy. That might not help either though. I hope that her daughter is able to stay grounded while being surrounded by that and that she finds some great friends to help her through it.

I'm a stranger just came onto your blog today and really liked it.


I am with you Deanna but people will be people and bend the Gospel to fit their lifestyle and thinking that's o.k, I'll just repent ! I would tear up that ward if I were there and chew the Bishop's ear off too ( only figures of speech)...I just wouldn't be able to keep quiet at all !!!

When Debbie was at BYU, there was a rash of quickie Las Vegas marriages by students that turned into quickie divorces shortly afterward (having sex with a license)...I was also stunned at that but not surprised !

Atkin Family

I was going to share the same BYU/Las Vegas quickie marriage story!! I heard about that also when I was at BYU.

My feeling about the whole hypocritical thing -- its very hard when you're a teen and the friends/cliques are soooo imporant. But its a good lesson of things to come. There are hypocrites WHERE EVER you go in one form or another. My feeling is that what goes around, really eventually comes around, and I've lived long enough now to see it. I try to just sit back and enjoy the show now, and try to not get too worked up about them. Although I do have to admit, we ALL secretly REALLY want to be the one to expose the small little man behind the WIZARD machine. Patience, patience - people bring crap onto themselves. Try to avoid them as much as you can, be assertive with them if they are affecting your life directly, and bottom line my opinion is -- I don't give a rat's patoot what some snoot/hypocrite who I don't respect thinks of me, screw 'em!!

The Bullknitter

Hmmm. I've got to get working on my book. The working title is "Salvation by Justification". Can I call you for research?


Pretty brash to admit that you're so hypocritical. Wow. The happy part of the story is that the teen told her mom and recognizes the importance of being your beliefs. Like Quince said, it's such a difficult time...trying to fit in, trying to love and hate your parents at the same time;), making crazy important decisions without a fully formed executive brain function, etc. I'm glad to be an old lady today!