Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Kindness of Strangers

I had to make a run into Leth yesterday to see the Dr. It was a last minute thing and we took the car even though we knew it needed some work on the muffler. At least that's what we thought the problem was. On the way home, about 5 miles out of the city we heard a horrible noise like a loud crash and then grating, screaching metal on asphalt. Oh crap! I pulled over as fast as I could and jumped out to see what was wrong. The entire exhaust system from the manifold (by the engine) almost to the muffler was on the ground. Not kidding! The only piece still attached was the tail end of the muffler. AWWW! I called my dad 'cause he had AAA and I figured a tow truck was in order. You know my luck. His AAA membership is only good if he is in the car not for the car itself. Hmmmm. Cars whizzed past as I desperately tried to push the muffler out of its connection so that I could just toss the exhaust system aside and get on my way home. No good. Finally a very kind man stopped to lend a hand. He had tools and a tarp and was willing to get down on the ground with me to do the work. What a guy! He helped get the pipes out from where they were stuck under the frame and then jerry rigged a set up with a small chain with hooks was wrapped around the exhaust pipes and then a tow rope was lowered down through the engine compartment to snag the hook. I yanked the rope up and lifted the exhaust system up. We took the end of the tow rope, passed it up as close to the windshield as we could so it wouldn't burn off and then pinched it into the passenger side window. Mom got the fun job of holding onto the rope all the way back home. This wonderful gentleman wouldn't even tell me his name so that I could thank him properly or return his belongings. He just told me his first name was Dick, he lives in Magrath and I could drop off his rope and such at a local business. So, Dick, THANK YOU!!! I can't express my appreciation enough. You are the best!!!!!!



I am kinda thinking whats up with the triple A...If your Mom was in the car...isnt she covered? I mean she is the spouse?
Lucky someone ehelped you out.
You are sure full of adventures!


Oh, my ! What a blessing that a great person came to your rescue and helped...hope you get that all fixed ASAP...


Hey, that cartoon couple looks like you and your Hubs...very cute !

Deanna Quinton Larson

if only we looked like that but thanks. LOL


I love that story. It's nice to be reminded that you get help when you need it and that there are great people everywhere...Also good to remember that we might be someone's life-saver one day.

The Bullknitter

I love random acts of kindness.