Friday, September 12, 2008

You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl!

This morning at about 8:30 I hopped in the bath after getting Hunter of to school expecting a nice leisurely soak. The phone rang and I could hear Dad saying he'd be right there to help move the cows. CATTLE DRIVE!!! Yeeehaaawww! I was out of that tub in record time. Threw on some old jeans and a ball cap to cover up my wet hair and ran out to the pickup before Dad could leave me. I love working cattle. But now that we are modern cowpokes we use mechanical horses. Heck, we can have the cows rounded up and in the corral before we could catch and saddle the horses. So quads it was.
Wow, those were some wild cows! I fell once trying to head off a big beast of a wild cow. She beat me into the woods and got away. She came back later. These wiley animals didn't want anything to do with us until they realized we were taking them home. Then they were on the high run through the fields. Trouble was we had to keep them from mixing with the herds in the fields we had to drive them through. Oh that was difficult and I have the aches and pains to prove it. I am so dirty but it was so worth it! I missed this sooooooo much.



You are my hero. The part of the country that never got into this girl was a desire to hang out with large animals that could trample me!! I'm glad you had so much fun. Say hi to your mom and dad for me.


Yipee ! Horses and cows...I love it that you had such a good time...what beautiful scenery...I miss the mountains so much !


girl...way to make me homesick! I am jealous!!! My folks just brought the yearlings out last week and I was sooo bummed that I missed out AGAIN!!!! I hate being so far way!!!

Love your pics! Makes almost feel like I was there!