Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just a bit of a hiking trend lately

Wednesday afternoon after finally getting my minivan completely repaired, I took off for TN. 32 hrs of driving later, I arrived home to the husband and dogs and a very sweet welcome. Saturday I had a wedding to shoot up the mountain at The Preserve Resort. Since this is one of the companies under Doug's IT direction he went with me to do a little work. Secretly I think he just didn't want to see me drive off without him again, even if it was only for a few hours. He is being so adorable and solicitous. LOL! Must have missed me, eh? Anyway, after working we wanted food. Duh! We decided to take something of a shortcut through Great Smoky Mountain National Park into Gatlinburg to go to Bubba Gump Shrimp. MMMMMM Coconut shrimp! Along the way we stopped at the Laurel Falls hike. Doug said it was really pretty and not a bad hike. Hmmm. After driving for 32 hrs and working on my feet for the last 3 no hike is easy. Ok maybe I'm my feet are just out of shape, 'cause DANG they hurt!

Ya, like I was going to put up a post without pics! Here ya go!

P.S. The wedding pics will be on the other blog



Beautiful pics...I want to steal them all...glad you're back home safely...what a wonderful trip you had...thanks for sharing your adventures...LOL

Atkin Family

Deanna- Thanks for your kind words about my mom, and such a funny memory huh? It's great to hear from you, i can't believe you have a daughter at college --- my how times flies. Your pictures are really beautiful, I wish I had an eye for pictures. Take care. Quincey

The Bullknitter

I love solicitious husbands. Too bad it doesn't happen too often. Nice pics - again.


I'm so glad for your husband to have you home :) It's good for them to miss us once-in-a-while.

More amazing pictures. I'm running out of superlatives!!