Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Well is Dry and Must be Refilled

No not literally! We have fresh spring water in our taps anyway!

What I really mean is the emotional well. Wendy, my friend at work, has been having a rough time emotionally lately. I know, welcome to the club, right? Her husband has been snipey for the last few days and said something that still had her crying hours later. I asked what she was going to do about it. "Nothing". She was just going to let it go on his end but then let the emotions fester on hers. BAD BAD BAD! Now, I'm not advicating that she get even with her man but that she instead take care of herself! I made the bold suggestion that she take herself out for dinner, or a massage or even just go to a hotel for a night or two where she indulged in a good book and some chocolate. Normally I would want her to let her husband know how his words had stung but that suggestion was shot down like a clay pigeon. She has an old fashioned view of marriage and thinks that she shouldn't confront her husband. BAH! No confrontation needed. Just a quick "that hurt" or "please don't say things like that" will suffice.
Poor Wendy. She has never done these things for herself (She is also the mother of a very handicapped child). She was truly scared to get a hotel room alone or eat dinner by herself. She wanted to but just is too timid. I know her life is difficult and taking time for herself is hard to find but it is a must. Noone can give, give give, without recharging. Everyone will eventually run down to the gravelly bottom of the emotional well. So ladies, take meaningful time for you! Not just hiding in the bathroom for 2 minutes a day to be by yourself. Get out of the house! Take a walk, read a great book, eat a meal you didn't prepare and find a way to laugh!!!



Amen!!! Why do we do this to ourselves!!! Mama is always the last "to get" it seems huh. Something I am realizing too in my own life. And....Mama ain't happy bout it!!!

Nonna Beach

Very well said Deanna...I didn't do this enough when I was raising my family. Souds like your friend is living back in the '50's. I hope she can get a little more bold and things get better for her.

Great advice.I especially like the idea of going to a hotel for a couple of nights !