Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lots of excitement around here!!

This evening I saw SiSi's Facebook status and saw that the nut-job ex was had called her again. I was worried and contacted her immediately to make sure she was safe. She had done the right thing and hung up as soon as she realized who it was and then called the police to lodge another complaint. This guy is soooo stupid!!! The police have been to see him and inform him his contact is not wanted but he just won't give up. I think it is to the point now that he is about to be charged with harassment. Just as I was discussing the police and such another adventure began.....
Wowzer!! Mom was the victim of road rage tonight. Not just your average run of the mill honking, speeding, tailgating fool, but a bonafide nut case that followed her right to the house and came inside. YIKES!! I guess this lady's grandson crossed the highway on his bike (totally illegal) and mom didn't see him until almost too late. She didn't hit him or anything but this lady went bonkers! She pulled out and passed mom and then slowed down, sped up, signalled right then left, then even stopped in the middle of the highway with cars lining up behind them. Finally she pulled to the side and stopped so mom came on home only to find Crazy on her tail. Mom pulled into the garage because she didn't feel safe and before she could get into the house this woman was trying to poke her head under the garage door as it was closing. She then ran around to our front door and since the screen door was all that was closed Dad just waved her in. She then starts in on this tirade about "whoever just about killed my grandson". Mom came in then and was yelling for us to call the cops. My timid mommy ran to the front door and started to tell this lunatic off with both of them threatening to call the cops. Well, we followed through. I don't know what's going to happen now but whoa what a night!!!