Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh my aching Shoulders and Back!!

I must be getting old or something!!! I know I'm not in years but really my body has been dragging lately. The last week or so my back and shoulders have been so tense and sore. I needed a massage so badly but I honestly don't have the time to take out of my day. An hour at a massage therapists just isn't possible with my long work day and long commute. But those are the exact reasons I need one. So what to do? Check these out!!! Human Touch Massage Chairs You have to try these!! It's like a real person is working your body! I sat down in one and didn't want to get out again. I must have one of these! Seriously, they are amazing. This company has analyzed massage therapists and used the latest techniques in robotics to replicate the movements. The result? AMAZING! My favorite part is the calf massage. Ya, you heard me.... calf massage from a chair! I loved it!!!! My body felt just as good as it did after a massage from a well known spa. I know lots of you have tried other massage chairs that have those rolling things and claim to be realistic shiatsu massages. Ya, whatever! They don't even close to the Human Touch Massage Chair These have more than one dimension to the movements and that makes all the difference! Oh, Honey!! My birthday is coming up! Hint, hint.

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The Bullknitter

I hope it is better than the one I tried at the mall, that left me feeling slightly injured. You can't massage bones, really...

The Bullknitter
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Those look pretty fancy. I like that they are not obviously massage chairs. They're fairly nice looking. $4000 would buy a LOT of massages, though :)