Sunday, August 23, 2009

The fun is done.....

Utah? Been there. Done that. My summer fun has come to an end. The oldest one is well ensconced in her new apartment. Her books are purchased and some work has been obtained to offset her parents costs. Thank goodness!!! She seems to like the new place so I'll just wait for the first phone call once classes have started to see how she really is. Leaving a child, no matter what their age is really difficult! I know it's not the first time but it's still really hard letting go.
I had a really nice surprise though. Doug flew in for the weekend!!! It was fan-freakin-tastic to get to spend time with the man. I have missed him lately like I never have before. We've always had years where we would spend about a month apart during the summers and that has been fine but now we've put a whole year under our belts and it's not so fine anymore. It's killing me to be precise. I've always been so independent and liked it but not anymore. Give me my man!!! We've decided to fast together this Thurs. to see if we can get some answers to put the family back together. I sure need your prayers if you can spare some. There has to be a way to make this work for all of us. We just can't see it yet. So, a little begging and pleading on our behalf would be more than appreciated.


The Morton's

I will be thinking of you. It is hard to be away from our men. Next time you really should stop by, I'm right off the freeway!

Hang in there sunshine! We love you just the way you are. Surely there is a job out there that capitalizes on your amazing personality. For what its worth, I never thought you were that harsh. I know worse!


Wondering about how your decision-making is going...It's so fascinating to see how our and others' lives unfold. Who knows why things go the way they go?? You are the perfect example of making choices based on faith and knowledge and not being afraid of something new or hard. Best of luck with your next big adventure. No matter which way it goes, you are sure to learn something imortant.