Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oh the Jiggling and the Jostling

As most of you know by know, I am running my first race in the UNDERWEAR AFFAIR. It's coming up in two weeks."PLEASE DONATE!!! Running isn't something I've done since my diagnosis of cancer. I kind of gave up on the whole fitness and sensible eating route. With finally finding a way to support Uterine Cancer I'm back on the band wagon. So today while I was out for the jog, I made some discoveries. First, if I relax my body and let it do it's thing instead of trying to protect my back, knees and ankles which obviously was causing me to unintentionally tighten those muscles, running feels better. It's not the total drudge I've been thinking. Also if I don't force the pace and think I have to be so fast I accomplish a lot more. I don't burn out. I've learned to set small goals like getting to that big tree down the road. LOL! If I think of it in smaller parcels I don't psych myself out by thinking I'll never get there.
Now, I must be one of those very annoying people who ask everyone and their dog for money to support their pet causes. But, this one means the world to me and I have to do what I can. So please, please, please, find it in your heart to help me raise $1000 in the next 10 days. If $5 is all you can do that's great! I'll take it! Please, DONATE.



Deanna, I hope you reach your contribution goal. I'm proud of you and your great, proactive efforts.

My sister saw you on Sunday and said that you are looking absolutely beautiful and wanted to cut off your hair and make a beautiful wig ;)

Best, best wishes for your run!