Monday, July 28, 2008

Here we come!!

Remember when you were a little kid and the Christmas Eve anticipation would just about kill you? You couldn't wait to get the night over with so you could see what was under the tree the next morning? That's just how I feel right now. Nervous anticipation. I get to leave in the morning! I get to go home! I get to go home! ( use the school yard taunting tune for that) We are off to Utah in the morning to go to Diondra's wedding and then we are heading HOME!!! I don't even care that I have to drive for more than 30 hrs to do it. We are first going to stay at my brother's in Logan. He and my dad brought down a couple of our horses from Alberta and are breaking them now. I am so excited to go help. I love horses. Hunter is thrilled that we have our own now. After Diondra's reception we'll be heading up to Alberta. I am going to stay for at least a month. We have pulled Hunter from school and are home schooling this year so we can do whatever we want. YAY!!! I'll see ya "Up in the Hills". Hehehehehe (yes that is gleeful laughter)



Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip...also hope you post pics of your adventures...I have never been to Alberta...but there is Canadian blood flowing thru my veins...the Nova Scotia poor farmer/fisherman/coal miner kind and I'm grateful for that heritage too ! ENJOY !