Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life is never without a little twist on the side.

And why should it be? Boring is just that.......boring. Yesterday, while at a friends house I fell as I was walking down the stone steps outside her front door. Nasty pain!! I had been there to photograph her new baby and had just about finished demolition of my portable studio. Thankfully, I had my little helper man, Hunter, with me too finish getting things out to the van. As I was limping to finish up I noticed that my ankle felt locked and the range of motion was extremely limited. I needed to get home and rest it like right now. Of course it was my right ankle so driving the 45 minutes home was an interesting thought. That is, until I actually tried driving. The move from gas to brake sent shooting pain through my ankle. I called Doug at his office and met him there so that he could drive me to an urgent care clinic. I think that might have been a really stupid mistake. I sat in the clinic waiting room for almost an hour before they called me back. The Dr. was really nice and attentive as he wiggled my foot and pressed on some spots. He decided that an xray was in order. The medical assistant came back and took me to the xray machine. Hey, wait. Why is the med assistant who took my temp and blood pressure also performing my xrays? Then she took only 2 views? 2 views to show all the bones in my foot and ankle? Strange. I've never had that few. Oh well. The Dr. says he could see no breaks but that it was a nasty sprain. Did I want crutches? Crutches? How on earth am I supposed to photograph 2 weddings on crutches much less fly out to Seattle to shoot the first? LOL!!! Guess I'm going to be a huge gimp trying to direct those brides and grooms. Forget about those awesome shots from unusal vantage points. Not happening this time.