Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Closer Than You Think

It never ceases to amaze me just how small the world really is. When we were living in Florida a couple visited our church (just had my cancer surgery so was not there myself) who introduced themselves and said they were from Canada. My husband thought they looked familiar so after the meeting he introduced himself and was able to question them a little more. Where in Canada are you from? Alberta. Really? What town? Cardston. Ohhhh that's how I know you, my husband replied. You're the Dr. that delivered my daughter. Dr. Taylor was more than a little surprised to find us so far from home.

Just after we moved to Knoxville a young couple moved into the ward (our church boundaries) and introduced themselves to my father. They mentioned that they were from Idaho but the wife had grown up in Canada. Of course Dad had to know more. Turns out She is his cousin's daughter and we had both been at the same family reunion only weeks before but hadn't met each other.

I started working at another Walmart in Edmonton and there is a terrific Assistant Manager there, Heather. She is fun and we have a lot in common. Turns out she grew up in Lethbridge and my uncle Richard was one of her teachers. We know a lot of the same people. Not only that but I am surprised how many Tolman family members (cousins) I run into in the store on a weekly basis. I know we have a huge family but still we are all 6 hours away from the town we grew up in and the city we live in has more than a million people. The chances aren't that great. I also ran into a girl I grew up with, 3 houses down, at that same store. It's nice to know you aren't alone in this big city but still the randomness is bizarre.


Bless This Mess

Small world, smaller church!

Nonna Beach

Those stories are so never know who you are going to run into or how but it's always fun !!!


That was the best part about working at Generations Bookstore. Every single person who came through the till was either related to me, or I knew their family, or I served with them. It was so much fun!!! I love connections!