Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's Your Earliest Memory?

I've been reading another blog lately that focuses on the author's memories and it got me pondering my early memories. A lot of those memories happened in the same field; the one up the lane from the house. When I was really small and we were running a lot of cattle we used to do the branding in the corral on the hill. I was much to young to participate but that didn't mean I didn't want to join in on what looked like loads of fun (I still think it's the most fun of anything, ever). So I would park myself on the top rung of the corral opposite the action to get the best view. As I sat my 3 yr old self there I distinctly remember eating maple walnut ice cream (Grandpa's favorite) out of one of Grandma's blue bowls. It's not much of a memory. Nothing significant happened but to this day I love that field, maple anything, and branding cattle.


Bless This Mess

This is a tough one! I must have been about three years old, and I remember playing in the brook behind our house, and the shadows of the trees on the ground and the light dappling the water. I don't think I was allowed in that brook, but I remember the contrast between light and shadow, and the smell of the brook.


What a fabulous memory! I can see you perched there, eating ice cream (Which, incidentally, is my Dad's favourite, too). Are your feet dusty? Thank you so much for this memory!