Friday, July 29, 2011

Seriously? You thought I what?

It just amazes me sometimes how misconstrued some things become. No matter how good your intentions someone will always find a way to take offense or think the worst of you.

A few years ago we had a large family trip (cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents) to an historic area that was meaningful to the family. I had a nice time for the most part even though things didn't always go as planned and sometimes people got upset by the little stuff. Over all it was a good experience. However, I apparently made the biggest boo boo of all and didn't even know it. I think most of you know that I do a little professional photography as a side job. While there I found a lot of enjoyment shooting family and the scenery. I even made friends with a fellow photographer. When the trip was done I posted all the pics to my professional site so that the entire family could see what I had done and could either let me know they wanted a copy or even purchase professional prints (not Walmart quality) to hang in their home. This was before I had blogs and had become proficient with facebook. I knew no other way to let everyone see the pics. Well, unfortunately my price list (discounted from what I charge normally) is included on the professional site and this upset family members. They thought I was trying to make money off of them. That was never my intention. No one called to say they were upset. No one emailed. I thought I was doing people a favor by shooting their pics professionally and by giving them a way to get professional prints. I guess I was wrong and it took years for me to find out. Why can't people just let you know if you've offended them in some way? I don't know anybody who intentionally goes about their day trying to cause offense. I would never be like that but now I have family (inlaws) who have barely spoken to me since and I had no idea why. I guess this may be one of the reasons. Who knows? I probably did something else offensive and have no idea what.


Nonna Beach

I am sorry this happened to you Deanna. We have had similar issues with our family...MONEY, it can make people freak out and be so mean. What's worse is NOT telling what the heck you're mad about...more hurt feelings and then those crazy guessing games about WHY? !!!

The Morton's

I think it's a big lesson to never assume and ask a lot of questions before getting mad at someone. All they had to do was ask if you intended on charging or inquire more about ordering pictures. A simple question would have saved a lot of heartache. Sorry you had to go through this, family relationships are so hard at times.


On the other side of the perspective.....and maybe my family is cheap, but I think I would just have let them all have an email version to do with what they please. Unless someone taking pictures at our family reunion said hey I am gonna charge you for these if you want them, we would all just say..hey email me a copy of those picts you took eh! You are a FABULOS PHOTOGRAPHER..and definately deserved to be paid...but sometimes...its not worth it!