Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Positive Customer Experience to Remember

Usually when I am called to the customer service desk it is for a complaint or to resolve a dispute over pricing, but this was totally new. The customer service associate called me with the information that 2 people where at the desk asking for a manager and wouldn't tell her anything more than that. I have to admit, I was worried. I grabbed the other manager on duty as back-up, a witness, whatever was needed, and headed up. Waiting for us was a father & son combo with a shoe box in hand. Still not letting me know what they needed they asked for a private room to speak. Unfortunately, another call for manager help came in and I had to handle this without my compatriot. I took the men into a nearby office and asked how I could help. Instead of the father speaking up, the young man, maybe 12 yrs old, told me a story of how he was peer pressured, or cousin pressured as he put it, into shoplifting about $115 worth of electronic accessories. I was shocked. Not just that he could get away with it,we have security cameras everywhere, but that he would have the courage to come back and make a full confession. He had told his father what he had done. It wasn't his father that initiated any of this. He then offered to work it off since he had no money to pay for it. I couldn't take him up on his offer so we worked out a deal where Dad would pay and the boy could work it off for Dad. I asked him to come with me and show me exactly what was taken so we could work out a fair price and then asked if he would be willing to tell me how they had fooled us. He complied with it all. His cousins had figured out where there are little pockets in the store that the camera's can't see. Blind spots. They had become adept at removing security tags as well. This little man did us a huge service by giving so many details. I doubt I will be lucky enough to have another experience like this any time soon. Little man, I am very proud of you for facing the consequences and helping to stop further theft.


Nonna Beach

Very rare experience and you handled it well ! There's nothing as good as a clean conscience when taking responsibility for your actions and making restitution if possible.


That is an amazing story! Good job, little man!