Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Wedding Reception?

So....the daughter and her boy are discussing the marriage option. She just informed me that they don't want a wedding reception. She wants a mid-calf length dress and no wedding cake. WHAT??? I have only one daughter and one chance to help her have the best. If this is the best she wants......YIKES. She's making me feel like the cheapest mother on earth. Can't even afford to give her a full length dress let alone a cake. Have you ever seen this done or even heard of people doing this? She says if I try to push them into a reception then they'll just elope and maybe tell us about it later. Gee thanks for the consideration. I love kids!


The Morton's

HOly Cow! Married? we need to some posts on this boy! That's neat though. Ya know, I'm not sure what's common anymore, but at my brother's wedding they opted out of a reception and just did a nice wedding luncheon for close friends and family. Still sent out announcements to many, had a cake and some simple decorations but it was very classy and tasteful. We had many comments to say how nice it was not to have a whole day affair.


I agree....


Can't wait to hear more about it!!! :)

Nonna Beach

Congrats...I'm with & info. I guess it's their choice however on the reception...
In my opinion:
You're being robbed of the pleasure of being a proud mother and father of the bride and giving her a nice wedding reception that she truly deserves.

A lot of couples are doing small wedding breakfasts or lunches with pretty cupcakes instead of wedding cake. She may be the practical type who doesn't want her parents spending a lot of money for a reception.

We only have 1 daughter ( and 4 sons ) and I let her dictate everything she wanted within our budget. It was a lovely wedding reception and 12 years later our daughter is grateful we gave her what SHE wanted ! Good luck !

When our son David got married in 2008, his wife's parents were on a mission for the church and couldn't do a reception for them. ( they came to the wedding at the Orlando Temple & reception.) They gave us half the $$$ and I planned, hired decorators for the cultural hall, had catered food & food I made and did the reception with the help of some wonderful church members helping to set up & serve the food so I could relax and enjoy the reception. It turned out great !