Saturday, May 8, 2010

The sky is falling.......

image from the Orange County Register.
My clumsy genes have been making an appearance lately. On Thursday I went to get down a display table for my Mother's Day floral and caused a work place accident. The tables were stacked 3 high and are about 3.5 to 4ft tall themselves. I reached up for the highest one, on my tiptoes and gently pulled it out. Oooooppppsss......I lost control and it landed on my head!!!! Talk about pain!! These aren't cheap plastic tables but wooden with metal caps on the flat top. The metal cap is what struck me. I honestly thought I was going to be ok. It hurt like crazy, I was dizzy for a minute and head and neck felt like they belonged to a turtle but I hung on to whatever was next to me to keep standing. After a bit I trudged back to work, even hauling that table out to the front. As the day went on my neck, head and shoulders progressivley got worse. Stiff like whiplash and a headache to beat all headaches. I lasted a couple more hours and then decided a dr. was the best course of action. He looked me over, sent me for xrays and then sent me home til Monday to rest. Oh great! Like I have time to rest! There is so much work to do. Mothers Day is one of our most busy weekends in the GM department and being one person down is going to create chaos. I don't think my manager is happy with me. He wanted to know if I had any witnesses to my accident. Oh yeah, right. 'Cause we have sooooo many extra bodies hanging around the store. We are so short staffed right now. That was why I was moving that table by myself in the first place. Oh well. I can't do much about it now. Rest it is!