Thursday, October 16, 2008

On the road again!

Yup, I do drive, a lot. I like driving. It makes me feel independent and I crave that feeling sometimes. I love to see the world around me and this is a wonderful way to appreciate the beauty and hard work of this world. Instead of my usual way driving hundreds of miles along I-80 I decided to drive along I-40 for hundreds of miles. LOL! It was great! I've now been to three states I hadn't set foot in before. Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Here are a few of the sites I saw along the way...................

The Vermillion Cliffs

Rafting the Colorado at Navajo Bridge

Sheep dog on the Navajo Reserve

Woman and dog herding sheep and a goat

New Mexico night.

Blooming sagebrush



I've been checking your blog for ages. I'm glad to see a post. Drive safely and keep taking those incredible pictures! I love 'em.

Also, I assume you got over your BLECH from last report. It stinks to be sick. I hope you got some happy and healthy days before you hit the road again.

The Bullknitter

I'm gonna have to call you the wandering photographer! I have a brother in New Mexico. I would love to see that area of the world. Thanks for the photo journey.

The Morton's

Road trips are awesome. It's a good time to THINK, clear the head,and listen to great music! Things that are rare for moms! Sorry you were so sick! Have fun, be safe!


Beautiful Pics !

About time you updated...your adventures are safe and have a wonderful time LOL