Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bison, camera and cold weather

By now y'all have guessed that I am just a slight bit (maybe more) on the crazy side and a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Tuesday morning bright and early my dad suggested I go out and take a few pics of Terry and Steve loading up 40 Bison to sell. Hey, why not? I'm always up for pictures and a bit of adventure. Just so you know it was blowing up a hurricane and was cold enough for flurries. At first Terry and Steve tried moving the animals with a couple of quads. No luck. Those beasts are so unbelievably fast! Hey, lets use Deanna and Ronn. They can stand in there and try to push the bison down the corral to the gate. Yeah, that'll happen. LOL! I ran. I jumped. I fell in the muck, but most of all I tried not to get gored. All while wearing my camera slung under my arm. Lost my lens cap and UV filter somewhere in the mess. We tried for at least an hour. Again, no luck. Finally Dad had the brilliant idea to block off half the corral with the trucks and trailers. Not exactly a small corral. Fortunately it worked. Now we just had to cut the cows from the bulls and load them down the shoots into the trailers. Hah! Sounds so much easier than it was. As stated before, those animals are CRAZY WiLD! I can't even tell you how many of them were bleeding by the time we got them loaded. They would run full speed, head-long into a metal gate. They even broke down one and got in with the bull calves. Poor Terry almost lost his guts. A horn missed him by inches.

I learned two things from my adventure. First, stand completely still when being charged by a herd of bison if you can't get out of the way. Second, I need to buy a good pair of work boots. I keep finding myself in fields and corrals full of.......well you know.


Lynette never cease to amaze me! You are absoluetly NUTS!!! Nuts, I tell you! But keep it up cuz you get amazing pictures!!!

Glad you didn't get gored!!! And if a lens cap and a filter is all you had to sacrifice.....then so be it!!!

Keep up the very brave and GREAT work!!!

Love ya!


Oh, Deanna, it was worth what you lost in the mud and captured the power, speed and mentality of Bison !

Awesome !


You are one brave (read CRAZY!!) girl. I guess it's all worth the great pic, huh? Love it.