Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Taste of the Wildside!

We took a trip over to Vancouver Island for the last couple of days to take in a few of the must see places. One of the police officers, a long story I'll get to another time, suggested we go to Ucluelet while there. What a fantastic drive!! The views were astounding and the weather perfect. We did a little sight seeing, threw some stones into the ocean and picked sea glass. On to Tofino. Cute little village! We were getting a little hungry by this point so we stopped at a gas station and asked the man behind the register for a good restaurant. Without hesitation he recommended the "Wildside". Remember that. Always ask a local where to eat. What a favor he did for us. The place looks horribly shabby. It's a tiny shack nestled among other tiny shacks that happen to be adorable little shops and it serves food to kill for. The husband ordered a salmon burger. A beautiful, fresh fillet of salmon on a wholewheat kaiser roll with fresh green leaf lettuce, fresh tomatoes, onion, mayo, corn relish, smoked tomato relish, and avocado. The boy ordered a chicken burger: again green leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, onion, mayo, bacon, cheese, smoked tomato relish. I had the shrimp burger: panko crusted fresh caught shrimp with chili mayo, green leaf lettuce, tomato, and red onion. These were the freshest of ingredients straight off the boat and tasted like heaven. They use local products and you can taste the difference!! Oh and the fries? Fresh cut potatoes with chunky sea salt; just right!
If you ever have the chance to drive the Pacific Coast Rim make sure you stop here for a meal. You won't regret it!!!