Saturday, December 12, 2009

I've never been a plant person. I usually kill anything green within my sight. It took me months to decide to purchase a plant that I have become truly enamoured with. I purchased a beautiful phalaenopsis orchid. Amazingly enough I've kept it alive for months!! I think it has to be the most beautiful plant I have ever seen. I feed it, water it, tend it with care. I've never been like this with any other plant but something about those tender yet hardy blooms brings out my inner gardener. I've seriously been considering buying more now that I've proven that I'm not an orchid murderer.
When I was in Argentina, the first time, I was taken out to a yard in a small town. They had small, almost miniature yellow orchid flowers blooming on the branches of the fruit trees. They were almost parasitic. I'd never seen anything like it before and probably won't ever again. But that was my first exposure to these amazing plants and I've been drawn to them ever since. It just seems to beautify whatever surroundings it is in. It provides an elegance that a regular bouquet or plant just doesn't seem to own. And right now these flowers are what keeps the brightness in a rather gloomy time of year.


Nonna Beach

I remember my Mom and Nana getting Orchids on special occasions like Mother's day and Easter...always thought they were very pretty flowers but when I saw a real plant for the first time, I was surprised how delicate looking they are.

I am also a serial plant killer so maybe I ought to give orchids a try sometime. Glad you found something to cheer you up in all that gloom ! LOL