Saturday, January 3, 2009

How to keep those Resolutions!

I've never been one to set resolutions for the New Year. I guess I'm not really a band wagon jumper. However, this year is different. I have set a specific goal and want to be sure to reach it. The last thing I want to do is be the typical "january joiner" and flunk out before the first month of the year is out. So what to do?

1. Make sure you set realistic goals. For example, don't decide that you will lose 50lbs by February 14th for your special Valentine. This is plain old ridiculous no matter what those celebrity magazines tell you.

2. Chop up that goal into smaller steps. Say your goal is to run a marathon in October. You aren't going to just pick up those running shoes and make 26 miles next Saturday. Do a little research about training schedules and then choose a weekly and monthly target. Run 1 mile a day the first 5 days and then 3 on Saturday. Up it from there. No, don't quote me. I'm not a runner. Call Rita! She knows.

3. Eliminate black and white thinking. You know what I mean, especially if you have ever been on a diet. You've been white knuckling it through the first few days avoiding all sugar, white flour and fat, eating only fruit and veg. Then you go to a party and someone serves chocolate cake. It just calls your name and you dive off the deep end and devour. There goes the diet, right? WRONG!!! Stop! Don't continue to pig out with that "failure" sign you put over your head blinking away. It's just food for heaven's sake. Stop thinking that it's all or nothing. Progress is always two steps forward and one step back. Nobody is perfect and we will all fall off the wagon at some point. Just move on. No recriminations necessary.

Hopefully, these steps along with good old fashioned gumption can get us on our way. Resolutions can be a great way to continually improve yourself but don't beat yourself up if it takes a couple of New Years to finally climb that proverbial mountain.



Very wise counsel Deanna! Q


I need to copy and paste this into my brain. Quince and I are running a 1/2 marathon in April...Care to join us? Giddy up. Anyone who treks through the freezing Canadian tundra and does meat killing-skinning, cattle round up stuff could easily run a few miles!

Are you back in Canader yet?


Great post Deanna...LOL and so true !

The Bullknitter

Thanks for the good advice. Welcom home, btw.